Why Should I Train With Elevate?

Training at Elevate Cycles will take your cycling to the next level. Our programs have been successfully tested on and off-road by our highest level riders and racers. Whether you want to road race, cross-country mountain bike, compete in triathlons, or just get more out of your biking experience, working with us this winter will put you ahead of the pack this spring!

Elevate Cycles
trains you to BIKE not to ‘SPIN’.

Our training sessions are progressive, increasing your fitness and cycling efficiency to get the most out of your time on the bike. With affordable pricing and knowledgeable coaching, Elevate Cycles is your best bet for your off-season training!

Why Should I Train With Power?

The Power Advantage: Most training systems only allow you to measure your body’s response to the work. The actual amount of work you perform remains a mystery – or at best an estimate. Why is this a problem? Doing too much work means injury and overtraining risk. Too little means you’re not getting the maximum benefits you want. When power is measured your training becomes that much more effective.

Having a constant measure of power helps you:
• Establish your baseline fitness.
• Accurately measure even the smallest fitness gains.
• Quantify intensity, duration and frequency – instead of guessing.
• Prevent overtraining.
• Accurately measure energy use for nutrition planning.

Elevate Cycles offers you the option of training with power without having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on expensive equipment. Choosing one of the Elevate Cycles Power Packages helps you get the most out of your off-season training without breaking the bank.

Why Should I Get My Bike Fit?


Elevate Cycles is the only local shop using The Next Generation Serotta International Cycling Institute Sizing Cycle, featuring CompuTrainer® watt technology, which allows fitting to be done while the rider remains on the bike and fully engaged in the continuity of the fitting.

Train as hard and as smart as you want, if your bike doesn’t fit you, you are wasting valuable energy. Here at Elevate Your Ride, we believe that an effective training plan begins with proper fitting equipment. That is why we are offering a discount on our SICI fit session with the purchase of one of our training packages: Call for more details.

You Can Even Store Your Bike At Elevate!

It’s extremely inconvenient and potentially damaging to transport your bike back and forth from home in winter weather. At Elevate, you can safely store it for all your training sessions right at our shop. We even offer preferential service rates for training subscribers as well so your bike is ready to perform when you are.

Training at Elevate Cycles

Is your ticket to a faster cycling season. Stop wasting time with garbage miles and book a session now!