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Elevate Skipping the rest of 2019

We are skipping the rest of 2019 and fast forward to 2020.

We know every year a post is added that states we are going to be better about communicating with everyone. Here we are again with no posts since February of 2019. Let’s change that!

Winter Training is Here!

It will make your next season.

Elevate Cycles Group Power Training Sessions are the perfect building block for your 2020 Season.  What you do now, is the foundation for your speed next year.
We all know how hard it is to train efficiently by yourself at home.  It takes great discipline to finish a workout at an intensity for any length let alone long. That is where Elevate Cycles Group Power Training comes in. Not only are you able to train on Smart trainers with load generating resistance units in them, but workouts also follow a progressive path to gain strength, speed, and endurance.

Groups push each other to achieve goals and hit fitness levels beyond what one can do by themselves. Why not come and join us while we run the PerfPro Training studio software to make our next outdoor cycling season what we want it to be.

January class registration is live on our website. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for your choice of the day. Follow this link to sign up.

Taste what Elevate Power Training can do for you with our Friday Night Races in December. Check out the dates.

Changes we have made.

Elevate Cycles has made some changes over the past season with following through on some poll questions we put up. Dates are being explored for cycling-specific yoga classes in the very near future along with some strength classes.

Our online booking for service has been up and running all season and has had some great success in use from our clients. If you are in a time crunch and need to drop your ride off during other errands, we can take care of it to make your time efficient (as long as large parts are not needed to repair). Follow this link to the Elevate Service page and click on Book Now.

As most of you know, Elevate Cycles focuses on getting our clients into the correct bike for their needs. Hence the reason several years ago the decision was made to not stock any bikes in the shop. We order everything! This has had a few roadblocks not being able to satisfy the immediate gratification buyers, but in the end, has worked out wonderfully for everyone involved.

No Pressure sale is the best! Elevate is not going to jam a bike down your throat to get it out of the shop.

So we have added more manufacturers that we are offering. Here is a list of all we are dealing with right now: GiantLivTransitionQuintanaRooBatchAlliedNiner. With more to come!

That’s it for now. Don’t Forget to Shop Small with your Local Bike Shop! Rider Owned and Operated forever!

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