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Elevate Skipping the rest of 2019

We are skipping the rest of 2019 and fast forward to 2020.

We know every year a post is added that states we are going to be better about communicating with everyone. Here we are again with no posts since February of 2019. Let’s change that!

Winter Training is Here!

It will make your next season.

Elevate Cycles Group Power Training Sessions are the perfect building block for your 2020 Season.  What you do now, is the foundation for your speed next year.
We all know how hard it is to train efficiently by yourself at home.  It takes great discipline to finish a workout at an intensity for any length let alone long. That is where Elevate Cycles Group Power Training comes in. Not only are you able to train on Smart trainers with load generating resistance units in them, but workouts also follow a progressive path to gain strength, speed, and endurance.

Groups push each other to achieve goals and hit fitness levels beyond what one can do by themselves. Why not come and join us while we run the PerfPro Training studio software to make our next outdoor cycling season what we want it to be.

January class registration is live on our website. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for your choice of the day. Follow this link to sign up.

Taste what Elevate Power Training can do for you with our Friday Night Races in December. Check out the dates.

Changes we have made.

Elevate Cycles has made some changes over the past season with following through on some poll questions we put up. Dates are being explored for cycling-specific yoga classes in the very near future along with some strength classes.

Our online booking for service has been up and running all season and has had some great success in use from our clients. If you are in a time crunch and need to drop your ride off during other errands, we can take care of it to make your time efficient (as long as large parts are not needed to repair). Follow this link to the Elevate Service page and click on Book Now.

As most of you know, Elevate Cycles focuses on getting our clients into the correct bike for their needs. Hence the reason several years ago the decision was made to not stock any bikes in the shop. We order everything! This has had a few roadblocks not being able to satisfy the immediate gratification buyers, but in the end, has worked out wonderfully for everyone involved.

No Pressure sale is the best! Elevate is not going to jam a bike down your throat to get it out of the shop.

So we have added more manufacturers that we are offering. Here is a list of all we are dealing with right now: GiantLivTransitionQuintanaRooBatchAlliedNiner. With more to come!

That’s it for now. Don’t Forget to Shop Small with your Local Bike Shop! Rider Owned and Operated forever!

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Elevate Cycles Fundraising for Brain Tumor Research and ADA

Elevate Cycles fundraising for Brain tumor Research and ADA in the coming months.


Every year for many years Elevate Cycles has been helping fund raise for the Billy Ride and Tour de Cure Saratoga.  With the rides approaching quickly and a very cold Spring, time is running out on reaching our goals in fitness and fundraising.  Help us reach those goals and help other s that are afflicted by these health problems.

We would love for you to join our teams as well.

It does not take much to help.

Follow the links to donation pages:

Billy Ride May 20th, 2018

Tour de Cure Saratoga June 10th, 2018


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Functional Movement and Injury Prevention Clinic

Functional Movement and injury prevention

Join Elevate Cycles and Goodemote Physical Therapy PLLC for a Functional Movement and Injury Prevention Clinic for Triathletes and Runners. This 90 Minute clinic will address many of the issues athletes confront while training throughout the year.

Subjects covered will be:
*Identification of pain origination – Hip or back and when its both
*Proper exercises once pain origination pinpointed and
recommended how to
*Why manual therapy is important
*Motion loss identification – from lack of joint motion vs. lack of
tissue mobility vs. muscle weakness

Elevate Cycles Is the areas leading cycling Analysis and training center for Triathletes and Cyclists.

The Physical Therapists at Goodemote Physical Therapy create an individualized road map for their patients guiding them to the quickest recovery possible.

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Elevate Power Training Session #2 2018

Elevate Power Training Session #2 2018

Elevate Power Training has been working with athletes during the winter with our CycleOps Powerbeam load generating electronic trainers for many years now. It is by far the best training tool one could use, along with many other electronic trainers. We base our training on Functional Threshold Power and HR zones. As one learns their power and HR zones, you can take it out into the real world and tackle those rides and hill climbs.

To achieve your strongest riding season ever, sign up for Elevate Power Training!

Session #2 is open on the site. Follow this link and pick your day/days training Starts March 3rd and ends on April 29th (Full Calendar is here).

As a reminder to you all, please make sure your bikes are clean and free of any excess grime on your chain and gears. Check your tires for any kind of debris that may be lodged in them if you are not using a trainer tire.  If you would like to use a trainer tire, we would be happy to sell you one and install on your bike. (Please do not roll bike through parking lot, carry bike in for training).
Bring a towel for yourself and plenty of water to hydrate. (You may find bringing two towels is advantageous. One for yourself and one to wipe down your bike after workout).
Times are as follows:
Tue, Wed, Thur arrive no later than 6:30 PM so we can start riding by 6:45 PM (1.5 hour class).
Sat arrive no later than 6:45 AM  so we can start riding by 7 AM (2 hour class).
Sun arrive no later than 8:45 AM so we can start riding by 9 AM (2 hour class).
You can store your bike here if you would like to do so.
If you plan on doing multiple days, use these codes:
Two days a week: train2day
Three days a week:  train3day
If the coupons don’t work let me know ASAP.
We have a limited number of slots and I have people waiting to pull trigger so please do not hesitate on making a decision.
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I always run out of it, day after day.

Confronting myself with the fact that I seem to manage time very poorly and want to be better at it. Here we sit, another day that I say to myself that I will be better about blog entries, social media posts, returning emails, making phone calls and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. And now with a new website added to the mix, time will be even more valuable.

I will be better! 
With that said, WOW have we been busy over the past year.  With the move and the decision to downsize and stay in the game (what else would I do), things have been good!  Not gonna lie, if anyone out there says its easy and business is through the roof, they are the biggest BS artist out there. Bicycle retail is difficult and going to become even more difficult. Bike companies will allow you to purchase direct and in some cases even ship direct to your home.
Good for them! Less inventory we have to stock. We have embraced this model to the fullest. All our bikes are special order now.
Fit First.
With this model of fitting a customer first, there is no trying to sell them what we have in stock. We get exactly what is going to work for them in the correct size. Not just something we had in stock and jam down their throat because we need to unload it.
So there it is. A quick entry get things started for the journey of Elevate Cycles managing time better and keeping things up to date.