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Elevate Power Training 2020 season Session 2

elevate power graph

Believe it or not, it is time to sign up for the second session of Elevate Power Training for the 2020 season. Session 2 starts on February 29th and ends on March 23rd.

As always, if you are going to sign up for multiple days a week you can use these discount codes (train2day for two days a week and train3day for 3 days a week).

If you are having trouble committing to a solid schedule on a weekly basis, we started selling 8-packs of training. This will allow you to purchase 8 training days for $280 and use throughout the session how you would like when there is an open spot during a training class.

Here is your link Training Sign-up


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Pedal Power Yoga Series @ Elevate Cycles

pedal power yoga @ elevate cycles

The Pedal Power Yoga Series is hosted by Elevate Cycles. January 16th at 6 pm we will have a meeting to gather information and level of interest at Elevate Cycles. Our instructor Renee Salerno has taken time out of her busy schedule to share some secrets on how Yoga can help all levels of cyclists.
This is an 8 weeks progressive yoga series designed for the cyclist looking to take their ability to the next level.
Weekly practice will focus on alignment in postures and movements that are specific to the cyclists’ needs. Core strength, flexibility, and mobility are key components to success and safety as an athlete. During each class and every week, you will have the opportunity to build confidence and strength in foundational yoga postures and over this time you’ll find more focus and stamina in all aspects of life!
The list of benefits from regular yoga practice is endless, but as endurance athletes what matters most is more power, faster recovery and injury prevention!
The series will be led by certified yoga instructor and avid cyclist Renée Salerno.
In addition to weekly practice, each participant will have easy to follow at home sequences to refer back to and use before or after workouts because practice makes us stronger!

Follow us on Facebook for updates on our event page and RSVP.

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Stages Power Meter Price Decreases.

Lower Prices on ALL Stages Power Meters!

Ride stronger. Train smarter. And spend less.

For 2020 Stages has reduced the retail pricing on their entire line of power meters with savings of up to 40% on select models.

➔ Ultegra R8000 L meters are now just $349.

➔ Dura-Ace LR’s are now $999. 

➔ Factory install as low as $299.

World-Class performance, accuracy, and reliability remain unchanged. All Stages power meters are precision assembled in our Boulder, Colorado facility using the latest Gen 3 electronics. This price reduction is made possible due to manufacturing efficiencies gained with the strong growth of our Indoor Cycling division.

Contact Elevate Cycles for more information and availability of your preferred crank or check here.

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Elevate X-mas Eve Celebration Holiday Hours

xmas 2019

Once again Elevate Cycles would like to invite all of you to our Elevate X-mas Eve Celebration December 24th from 10-2.

Stop by the shop on Christmas Eve for our 24th Annual Elevate X-mas Eve social gathering and enjoy a beverage. The shop will be open from 10-2 for those last-minute pickups. Leading into the Holidays, our operating hours are as follows.

December 22nd Sunday 10-3

December 23rd Monday 10-4

December 24th Tuesday 10-2

December 25th & 26th CLOSED

New Years:
January 1st CLOSED

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Elevate Skipping the rest of 2019

We are skipping the rest of 2019 and fast forward to 2020.

We know every year a post is added that states we are going to be better about communicating with everyone. Here we are again with no posts since February of 2019. Let’s change that!

Winter Training is Here!

It will make your next season.

Elevate Cycles Group Power Training Sessions are the perfect building block for your 2020 Season.  What you do now, is the foundation for your speed next year.
We all know how hard it is to train efficiently by yourself at home.  It takes great discipline to finish a workout at an intensity for any length let alone long. That is where Elevate Cycles Group Power Training comes in. Not only are you able to train on Smart trainers with load generating resistance units in them, but workouts also follow a progressive path to gain strength, speed, and endurance.

Groups push each other to achieve goals and hit fitness levels beyond what one can do by themselves. Why not come and join us while we run the PerfPro Training studio software to make our next outdoor cycling season what we want it to be.

January class registration is live on our website. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for your choice of the day. Follow this link to sign up.

Taste what Elevate Power Training can do for you with our Friday Night Races in December. Check out the dates.

Changes we have made.

Elevate Cycles has made some changes over the past season with following through on some poll questions we put up. Dates are being explored for cycling-specific yoga classes in the very near future along with some strength classes.

Our online booking for service has been up and running all season and has had some great success in use from our clients. If you are in a time crunch and need to drop your ride off during other errands, we can take care of it to make your time efficient (as long as large parts are not needed to repair). Follow this link to the Elevate Service page and click on Book Now.

As most of you know, Elevate Cycles focuses on getting our clients into the correct bike for their needs. Hence the reason several years ago the decision was made to not stock any bikes in the shop. We order everything! This has had a few roadblocks not being able to satisfy the immediate gratification buyers, but in the end, has worked out wonderfully for everyone involved.

No Pressure sale is the best! Elevate is not going to jam a bike down your throat to get it out of the shop.

So we have added more manufacturers that we are offering. Here is a list of all we are dealing with right now: GiantLivTransitionQuintanaRooBatchAlliedNiner. With more to come!

That’s it for now. Don’t Forget to Shop Small with your Local Bike Shop! Rider Owned and Operated forever!

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Elevate making changes.

Elevate Cycles would like your input to better serve our cycling community.

Most importantly, Elevate Cycles wants to be the best we can for our cycling community. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or avid racer, you are the lifeblood of our business.

Below is a quick poll for all of you to answer. As a result, Elevate can become more efficient at supplying your cycling needs.

You can pick three answers.

What would you like to see added as a service to Elevate Cycles? Can pick three answers.
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How is Elevate Cycles?

How is Elevate Cycles? Since we moved to a smaller space at the rear of a plaza, you could imagine how many times we are asked that question.

Simple answer is. Pretty busy!

As one can imagine, summer is always a bustling time in a bike shop. But come fall and winter, we really don’t take a very long rest. Elevate is always trying to heighten our customers cycling experience. Whether it is with service and fit of your current bike or power based training in the off season.  If your interested in our training, here is a link to an older post that can give you some insight on how we can make you a stronger rider by Spring.

Here is just a few things we have been doing as of late.

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Elevate Power Training Session One 2019

elevate power graph

As you know all to well, indoor training season is underway here at Elevate Cycles!  In a short four weeks, elevate power training will start our first session of 2019. 

Elevate Power Training is making some changes this year in regards to operating the trainers by using Rouvy.  This is due to the addition of brand new equipment that can only be controlled certain ways.  Everyone who signs up for training with Elevate must create a Rouvy account.  We ask you to share your log in and passwords so we can access the workouts for download to be able to send out progress reports (if interested in more information regarding tracking all your workouts, let us know). First thirty days are free trial and then we will pick up the tab after that.

Rouvy works with smart trainers and classic trainers with speed, cadence and heart rate sensors. IPhones or IPads work best due to native Bluetooth.  If all you have is an Android phone, don’t worry, we have the correct hardware for you to use. All you have to do is download ANT USB service and ANT Radio Service.

The link below is to sign up through our website and all sessions have detailed dates and times in the description. training sign up.

Multiple days coupon codes:

  • train2day
  • train3day

If you have any questions please let me know by calling Elevate at 518-371-4641 or email:

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Elevate Cycles Fundraising for Brain Tumor Research and ADA

Elevate Cycles fundraising for Brain tumor Research and ADA in the coming months.


Every year for many years Elevate Cycles has been helping fund raise for the Billy Ride and Tour de Cure Saratoga.  With the rides approaching quickly and a very cold Spring, time is running out on reaching our goals in fitness and fundraising.  Help us reach those goals and help other s that are afflicted by these health problems.

We would love for you to join our teams as well.

It does not take much to help.

Follow the links to donation pages:

Billy Ride May 20th, 2018

Tour de Cure Saratoga June 10th, 2018